May 7, 2024

Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM) & ATEC partnership in Laos wins Environment + Energy Leader Award

Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM) has won the award for Top Project of the Year at the prestigious Environment+Energy Leader Awards.

Leading Asia-Pacific carbon offsetting solutions provider, Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM) has won the award for Top Project of the Year at the prestigious Environment+Energy Leader Awards for their Laos Induction Cookstove pilot project - in partnership with ATEC. TEM & ATEC were recognised in the ‘Environmental Impact’ category, which celebrates exceptional advances made in environmental, sustainability, and energy management. 

The winning project involved the distribution of ATEC’s IoT induction cookstoves in Laos which produce data-verified, Gold Standard carbon credits. Each induction cookstove distributed as part of the project represents a tangible reduction in emissions (an estimated emissions reduction of 2.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year per unit). 

Jessica Dwyer, CEO of TEM, expressed her gratitude for the recognition, stating,

“We are honoured to be recognised at the Environment + Energy Leader Awards for our Induction Cookstove Project in Laos. It is a testament to our commitment to developing high-quality carbon offsetting projects, which contribute to real progress in combating climate change, alongside providing community social, economic and health benefits, and helping to preserve our planet for future generations.”

-TEM CEO Jessica Dwyer

The induction cookstoves do not only deliver environmental benefits but also address health concerns stemming from smoke inhalation in households.  According to the World Health Organisation, household air pollution was responsible for an estimated 3.2 million deaths globally per year in 2020 (including over 237,000 deaths of children under the age of five). This emphasises the urgent need for sustainable solutions. By replacing traditional open-fire cooking methods (fueled by timber, charcoal or gas) with induction technology, indoor air pollution is significantly reduced - benefitting the health outcomes of the families within participating households (particularly women and children who are typically indoors and the most affected).

“We are very excited to work with TEM to bring ATEC’s high-quality IoT induction cookstoves to Laos.With this we will be able to support households adopt low-emissions cooking while also providing data-verified carbon credits out to international buyers with great co-benefits around health and poverty.”

- ATEC CEO Ben Jeffreys

In their assessment of the project, the Environment + Energy Leader Awards judges commended TEM’s highly sustainable approach.

“TEM has done great work to tailor the technology, integrate data monitoring, and collaborate with the community to overcome challenges. The company’s clear emphasis on addressing the health impacts of indoor air pollution is a standout element. This demonstrates a commitment to improving lives alongside achieving environmental goals. It sets a commendable standard for similar projects globally.”

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